Advisory Team

Maria is a local government and corporate alum with Fortune 500 experience, and academia adventures that constitute a treasure trove of colorful experiences over 20 years. With a doctorate of management in organizational leadership, Maria works with local governments to create workplaces that attract and retain the best talent. Yes, she is the author of Love-Based Leadership: Transform Your Life with Meaning and Abundance – and no, it is not a book about Kumbaya, puppies, kittens, or rainbows. Maria’s mission is to help leaders move away from the old SOP of fear and into innovation. Maria can almost always be found with her nose in a book or ear to classic rock playing air drums (she’s hoping to learn drums from Keith Moon in Rock n’ Roll Heaven). Her positive attitude, willingness to find the humor in situations, and readiness to laugh-especially at herself- makes unleashing your leadership potential memorable.