Leadership…..is not about title, gender, skin color, race, socioeconomic status, religion, or education status. Leadership is simply about how you utilize your life to positively impact and influence your world, the world that you touch on a daily basis.

“Set Apart and Chosen” is a compilation of 20 eclectic stories of challenge, triumph, revelation, courage, perseverance, and championship. All of the women in this book are champions. You are also a champion. In spite of any circumstances, everyone has something unique to contribute to the world.

In this book, I discuss how I have come to accept that I am being built up to influence, inspire, and build others. I sincerely hope that my chapter and the powerful stories in this book inspires and motivates you, man or woman, to pursue every goal and dream that you have ever thought of. Lead from wherever you are in life! Someone is waiting for you.  

Thank you all of your support. Please reserve your copy by pre-ordering today. Those who order by February 23rd will receive an autographed copy. AND….THE FIRST 25 TO ORDER WILL RECEIVE A SPECIAL GIFT FROM ME. – Yolanda

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Keep Going: You’re Almost There

I recently climbed the Manoa Falls Trail in Hawaii with my children. Before we went, I asked a lot of questions and did my research about the hike. “It’s only 1.6 miles round trip, no biggie, I got this!”  Well, when I got there I quickly realized that I was deceived by all of the beautiful pictures online. This was a real heavy rain forest! It was extremely muddy and the air quality did not feel good to my lungs. How am...

Women.Leadership.Race 2018 – Are We There Yet?

As we "march" out of Black History Month 2018 and into Women's History Month 2018, I continue to wonder how far we have come as women. Today, so many women are kicking down doors, making their voice heard, and not only taking their seat at the table but women are now TAKING the table!! Yassss!! (we say) But can we afford to relax? Are we done or is the fight still real? Are women receiving equal pay? Are we really taking our...

A Year in Review: The Beyond Measure Impact

We’ve been busy since our initial launch this time last year. Check out a few of our highlights since 2016. September 2016 - American Records Management Association/Greater Washington Chapter - conducted a session on being a conscious leader at the annual event for approximately 40 professionals from multiple sectors in the District of Columbia. October 2016 - "Can You SEE Me? Women, Leadership, and Race" - this was BeyondMeasureLLC's own inaugural event that brought 62 of the most powerful women from five states of different races, religions, and backgrounds...

Lead From Wherever You Are In Life

Do you know Your Leadership ability? Sometimes we shrink so that "others won't feel insecure around us". We pretend that we don't have unique abilities because we are afraid to fail or make a mistake. Make the mistake, fail again and again if you have to but at least do it because someone needs you to. There is no doubt that life will happen to you, it will knock you down at times (it happened to me in so many ways over...