Keep Going: You’re Almost There

Keep Going: You’re Almost There

I recently climbed the Manoa Falls Trail in Hawaii with my children. Before we went, I asked a lot of questions and did my research about the hike. “It’s only 1.6 miles round trip, no biggie, I got this!” 

Well, when I got there I quickly realized that I was deceived by all of the beautiful pictures online. This was a real heavy rain forest! It was extremely muddy and the air quality did not feel good to my lungs. How am I going to get up this thing? 

So I started one step at a time. I took breaks and moved at my own pace. I kept telling my children to go in front of me but they refused to leave me. They kept saying, “You’re doing good, you’re almost there.” There were other hikers on their way down who would say, “You’re almost there, you’re at the half way point.” They lied to me, it felt like forever! My knee was hurting, there was no railing for me to grab and the mud got heavier and heavier. 

My children were great coaches. One stayed in front of me and one stayed behind me. They pulled me up and stopped when I needed to take a break. I kept going and when I heard the sound of that beautiful 150 ft. waterfall, I knew that I was “almost there.” 

There are so many lessons here but I’ll save that for another day, another post. 

Keep Going!! You’re almost there!

Yolanda Johnson

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