Lead From Wherever You Are In Life

Lead From Wherever You Are In Life

Do you know Your Leadership ability?

Sometimes we shrink so that “others won’t feel insecure around us”. We pretend that we don’t have unique abilities because we are afraid to fail or make a mistake. Make the mistake, fail again and again if you have to but at least do it because someone needs you to. There is no doubt that life will happen to you, it will knock you down at times (it happened to me in so many ways over the past year). As a leader give yourself permission to take a break, regroup, put some things on hold, ask for help, say “no, maybe another time” but keep putting one foot forward at a pace that fits your life. At a time when there is so much uncertainty in our world, we need you to step up and do whatever part you can to make things better for someone else. Someone is waiting for you to lead the way!

What is BeyondMeasure, LLC?
BeyondMeasure,LLC is a platform and vehicle that provides quality education to individuals, teams, and organizations. We want people to feel liberated to be a leader through non-traditional standards.

You can lead from wherever you are in life


You don’t have to be running a company, or owning your own business, in a management position or even a politician! Those things are necessary (well…yes, even the politicians) but you can make an impact on the world around you even if you don’t have a ‘societal qualified’ title. Leadership is not defined by position and should not be limited by title. A title can only give you authority but leadership skills, when developed, provides you with the ability to influence yourself and others towards consistent, sustainable growth. The goal of BeyondMeasure,LLC is to help you attain that growth!

Yolanda Johnson

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