After careful consultation, we will work with individuals, teams, and organizations to assess where they are and collaboratively build a plan to increase their capacity for leadership, retention, and equitable practices.


We provide the following services:

  1. Individual, personalized leadership and management mentoring
  2. Leadership development workshops for young professionals and new manage
  3. Virtual education programs – online webinars; training sessions
  4. Small group team building sessions for associations, church groups, or community organization
  5. Conference facilitator, education keynote or panelist
  6. Cultural awareness & sensitivity workshops
  7. Diversity & Inclusion strategy building for organization

“Yolanda is a demonstrated leader, skilled in outreach and effective communication. In the decade that I have known Yolanda, I have also witnessed her compassion, her calmness under pressure and her heart for all people. One of her gifts is the ability to foster unity. I participated in Beyond Measure, LLC’s event, “Can You See Me?”, and it could be described as thought-provoking AND life-changing. Yolanda has earned my trust, and I highly recommend her for leadership, consulting and management.” – Dawn, Financial Analyst”

“Yolanda is the best part of the trainings. Her demeanor and approach to the content makes it feel dynamic and forces attendees to have real conversations.” – Diversity & Inclusion Training Participant

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